Top 10 College Football Most Valuable Teams

Anyone still wearing rose coloured glasses, believing that USA college football is all about student athletes, and character building through amateur completion, please slip off your shades and smell the roses. You have a strong argument if you’re in the camp that believes NCAA football generates close to (more) money than the vaunted NFL does. While college squads can’t be bought and sold, like pro sports teams, in some instances they are more valuable than a city’s big league crew.

Bet on The Richest NCAA College Football Teams

Never wanting to “pigeon hole” ourselves – we are fans of every style of thrilling North American football betting action. From the CFL, to the NFL and NCAAF, pigskin wagering is readily available from the start of the Canadian Football League season in June until the National Football League Super Bowl plays out in February. Online Betting Canada recommended sportsbooks, like the one at SportsInteraction, help bettors enjoy USA college football with simple signup, safe and secure account funding, plus player bonus offers that help sweeten the pot. Register your account at anytime 24/7 and, in the meantime, enjoy our list of college football’s top 10 most valuable teams.

NCAA Football Bettors Should Follow The Money to Cash Winners

It’s prudent to remember the familiar saying “at the root of every great fortune there was a crime”. That’s mainly due to it being impossible to know where all the college football money comes from, how it’s spent, or if all the cash that’s rolling in is even properly reported. That said however, when betting on NCAA football – follow the money! That’s because the squads featured in our photo gallery have all been perennial contenders for the College Football Playoff National Championship. Slip this link into your betting research folder and refer back to it when you wager on the NCAA pigskin odds at the top rated online sportsbooks recommended here at Online Betting Canada.

Just as NFL action dominates the sports betting landscape every Sunday, NCAA football is front and center on Saturday’s from Labour Day weekend in September to the Conference Championships in December. Casual bettors may not know just how plentiful NCAAF betting options are at some of the online sportsbooks like SportsInteraction. At the time of publishing, on October 5, 2016, SIA bookmakers had more than 2,450 prices posted for the Week Six NCAA football action. Once the regular season ends, the excitement rolls on with an variety of Bowl Games prior to the College Football Playoffs and then the National Championship Game ringing in a Happy New Year!

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