Top 10 Most Expensive MLB Seats

Baseball tickets are relatively cheap compared to the other major sports. They do, after all, have to get people to sit through 162 regular season games of not-exactly-action-packed action. So they have to offer their tickets at a lower price. The demand is lower, when there’s a game every single night, and your season has as many games as your hockey and basketball team combined. But that’s not to say you can’t still blow a lot of money on the VIP treatment.

Most Expensive Places To Watch MLB Games

The Best Seats In Baseball

Of course, there is no direct connection between baseball ticket prices and betting. Yes, better teams will often have more expensive tickets, because the market will pay more. But it’s actually got far more to do with the size of the city/ market you’re playing in. If ticket prices were any indicator of winning, the Yankees would have even more championships. But they haven’t won dominated the MLB in years…

However a home-field advantage is often considered as one of the keys to success even though it can be very hard to establish to what extent this advantage is statistically worth. Mentally it’s a completly different story, and not just in Baseball but in most of the most popular sports accross the globe. Playing on their regular field, players are usually more familiar with their surroundings, they save time and energy as they don’t have to travel and they’re boosted by their crowd on the game day. In addition to that, teams performing well during the regular season secure get the chance to play their first and last MLB Playoffs game at home…

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