Top 10 Most Valuable NFL Teams In 2016

Heading into Week Six of the 2016 season, the supersonic jet that is the National Football League continues to fire away on all 32 cylinders. Recently released statistics show that the value of every NFL team is up from 2015 to 2016. Some teams added more wealth than others but the arrow is pointing up across the NFL. There was some consistency year over year though as everything is still bigger in Texas and Western New York is still recognized as the Rodney Dangerfield of the NFL.

NFL Betting: Beware of Some of the Big Spenders

Recently featuring the ten most valuable clubs in Major League Baseball we found a trend showing the richest MLB teams were winning the most World Series titles. That does not extend to the NFL though as the New York Giants and New England Patriots are the only super-rich NFL squads with a Super Bowl Championship between 1999 and 2016. Win a lottery, that pays a $30 billion after tax prize, and you could buy the 2016 top 10 most valuable NFL teams. Let’s see what you would get.

Online Sportsbooks Offers Handicappers the Best NFL Betting Experience

In case anyone is wondering, for the second year in a row, the Buffalo Bills occupy the NFL bargain bin with a $1.5 billion estimated value. Don’t feel too bad for the Bills though as they are still worth more than 23 of the 30 MLB teams. Speaking of value, one cannot underestimate the impact that daily betting has on professional sports. While folks in the District and down on Park Avenue are shy about admitting it, online betting and fantasy football act as super-charged afterburners on the NFL engine. It’s very simple, take away all of the betting options, including office and bar pools, contests corporations and major media outlets offer, plus the fantasy component, basically anything people can participate in to win cash or prizes, and the value of the NFL and its 32 teams would plummet. 

Further to that, NFL betting is an unheralded boost to the Canadian economy as Provincial sports lottery schemes are raking in a ton of dough for the government every day. We don’t know the people who continue to bet through sources like the WCLC but, if they are reading this article, we encourage them to check out the top rated sportsbooks here at Online Betting Canada. At the time of writing (11/10/16) while the WCLC windows were already closed on the day’s action, we were wagering on the Chicago Cubs versus San Francisco Giants MLB playoff battle with the LIVE betting platform at SportsInteraction. Variety is the spice of life – turn up the heat a few notches by setting up a personal betting account at SIA or any of the OBC recommended wagering websites.

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