10 Most Valuable MLB Teams In 2016

Can you spare a few billion dollars? If you can, we could really use it as we have always dreamed about owning a Major League Baseball team and that’s pretty much the going rate these days. From the New York Yankees at the top of the list, to Tampa Bay Rays at the bottom, MLB squads are some of the most valuable commodities on the planet. The dough we are talking about here is mind boggling as these teams are worth more than the gross domestic product of a few small countries.

MLB Betting Online: Cash in With The Richest Crews

Many are familiar with the expression “the rich get richer”. That certainly applies to Major League Baseball bettors who have backed the wealthiest baseball organizations. That’s due to fifteen of the twenty MLB World Series Champions (1996 to 2015) appearing on our top ten most valuable MLB teams in 2016 list. The way the Chicago Cubs are crushing it, they may make it 16 of 21 once the current Fall Classic plays out at the end of October. Let’s look at the richest of the rich MLB squads.

Online Sportsbooks Offer the Best Major League Baseball Wagering Options

There are many factors to consider when betting on sports and that certainly applies to wagering on Major League Baseball. From ability to weather, and everything in between, bettor’s need a solid research plan to cash winning wagers. While the value of MLB teams isn’t a major factor, it should come into consideration when making futures bets on MLB Division winners as well as League and World Series Champs. An example is playing out on 10/10/16 as five out of the seven remaining contenders are on our top ten most valuable team list. It’s far from an “end all – be all” factor but eliminating some of the small market teams is a good start when formulating MLB futures tickets.

Another key to successful sports betting lies in which source bettor’s use to place their wagers. The options in Canada are limited to Provincial sports lottery schemes or online sportsbooks. We say options but there’s really just one choice. That’s obvious when considering MLB betting options as the sports lotteries have twelve prices listed for the three MLB playoff games today. Bookmakers at Bet365 are offering hundreds of options that include standard game lines, player props, plus 2016 futures odds. Make the right choice, and receive way more choices, by registering a betting account at the Bet365 online sportsbooks. The sign up and bankroll funding process is equal parts fast, simple and secure so do it today at any of the bookmakers here at Online Betting Canada.

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