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Marijuana Super “Bowl” Commercials to be Expected at Super Bowl XVIII?

Bodog posts a wide range of novelty betting options

Props, Novelties, Exotics – no matter how you refer to them, they are a huge part of the Super Bowl Sunday betting experience. Though we’re not exactly sure how bookmakers dream them up (maybe they get together and smoke a huge bong) we’re certainly glad they do. Gaining popularity, faster than Jersey Shores became irrelevant, the prop wagering list gets longer every year and the Bodog sportsbook is a leader when it comes to online NFL novelty betting. While some exotics are a 50/50 guess (coin toss) others can be researched and logically bet on. Without further ado – here are two of our preferred Super Bowl XLVIII prop offerings.

Super Bowl XLVIII

Erin Andrews – Pam Oliver: Who will be seen first on TV after kickoff?

This prop offering features the two beautiful Fox Sports sideline reporters. As is normally the case prior to all NFL games – the last word before kickoff comes from the sidelines. Erin Andrews and Pam Oliver get the honors this year. Unless you are in the Fox Sports meetings, this is basically a guess but – we feel Andrews, given all the Richard Sherman NFC Championship post-game interview hype, will provide the first report.

First Sideline Report: Super Bowl XLVIII Prop Betting

How many times will Peyton Manning say “Omaha” during the game?

This is an interesting novelty wager in that we were actually able do some research on it. During the Broncos divisional playoff game versus San Diego, Manning called the “Omaha” audible 44 times. He called it another 31 times during the AFC Championship game versus the Patriots. Given the fact that Manning using “Omaha” has received so much media attention, we feel the number will drop for a third game in a row – Bet UNDER.

Bodog Prop Betting Option Peyton Manning Omaha Audible

Our expert NFL handicapping Crew is still researching their “serious” Super Bowl XLVIII predictions and they’ll be posted later in the week. Stick with us as the clock counts down to Super Bowl Sunday! In the meantime, the Bodog 100% Free Bet Bonus is perfect Super Bowl prop betting FUN money. Open an account anytime.

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