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Cashing in on 2014 FIFA World Cup Futures Betting at SportsInteraction

Guaranteed World Cup Championship match winner

Beaming with satisfaction, after a very successful run through the 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament, the Crew here at Online Betting Canada can sit back and enjoy the Championship match – knowing that our bankroll is getting a bump. By working our pre-tournament futures wager, no matter which side captures the Cup, we are going to cash one final winning ticket today. Let’s review how we reached our guaranteed win scenario.

Pre-tournament SportsInteraction futures wager is set to pay off

Deemed by some as akin to gazing into a crystal ball – futures betting isn’t for everyone. When it comes to major sporting events though, it’s something that our Crew views as a challenge and an investment. Thanks to our June 11, 2014, futures bet on Argentina to capture the Cup, with a 250 unit  +408 ML wager, we stood to boost our overall World Cup winnings from it’s current 1,088 total to 2,108 units. If we didn’t do anything, and just let our ticket ride, our profits would drop to 838 overall if Germany takes the Cup home to Europe.

Greed Kills: Backing up our Argentina World Cup Championship Prediction

Being as we are not 100% sure that Messi & Crew can deliver a victory today, and because we always stick to our Greed Kills mantra, we have backed up our Championship call with an 800 unit wager on die Mannschaft. With the SportsInteraction “Lift the Cup” option, we received -139 ML odds and that ticket will guarantee that we boost our bankroll today. Should Argentina prevail, our bottom line will read a 1,308 unit profit. A win by Germany will equate to a 1,414 bulge to our bankroll. Enjoy this awesome World Cup Championship match.

Argentina vs Germany – SportsInteraction Lift the Cup Betting Option

SportsInteraction Lift the Cup Betting Option- Germany vs Argentina

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