Abaqoos Sports Betting Deposit

Abaqoos Sports Betting Deposit
  • Very Safe
  • Direct Transfers via Hungarian Banks
  • Welcome at some Canadian sites

Abaqoos Canada Betting Sites

Looking for Abaqoos betting sites? Here’s a complete list of all of the Canadian sites that accept Abaqoos as a payment method. Canada has some of the most bettor-friendly gambling laws in the world, which opens the doors to lots of opportunities to find great sites like these. Which one will you make your go-to?

Rank Website Bonus Min. deposit
None of the bookmaker currently support this.

This is not the easiest way to place bets, but some people love it. Aside from the challenges that come from being a Hungary-based e-wallet system being used in Canada may present, Abaqoos actually has a lot of things going for them, and lots to offer sports bettors all over the world. [+]

First of all there is a lot peace of mind in the security, direct cash transfers from the bank to Abaqoos can be arranged in person or through an online payment account. Those who are still tentative about putting their banking information online would appreciate this.

It’s a “Voucher” based system, and those vouchers have very high limits and never expire. So if you already have an account or banking ties to Hungary, this could be a great way for you to break into the Canadian world of online betting. If not, you’re probably better off with a more conventional electronic wallet system.

Online Betting With Abaqoos

People may hear the term voucher and assume this is a one-time-use only type of system. That’s not the case. Your vouchers can also be “recharged” or reloaded over the phone once your account is fully set-up and functional. From there, your withdrawals are also quite easy using the Abaqoos system.

On the down side, this system isn’t of much use unless you already have money in a Hungarian bank account. Also, their website is in Hungarian, so you need Google to translate it, if you can’t. This all means it’s a good system if you’re coming to Canada from Hungary, but it’s not useful for anyone else. But that’s likely OK. We doubt you would reading this unless you had strong ties to the country, and/or have used their service before. If this is the case, you will be pleasantly surprised how many sites in Canada will welcome your business.

If that scenario above has nothing to do with you or your needs, feel free to pick another way to deposit money from our listings on the right-hand side of the page. We’re here to help you find a perfect fit!