Diners Club Sports Betting Deposit

Diners Club Sports Betting Deposit
  • Instant Processing Times
  • Proven Online Security
  • High Limits are Perfect for Betting

Diners Club Canada Betting Sites

Diners Club cards are pretty welcome everywhere in the MasterCard network in in Canada, as well as in the US. Its merger with Discovery has really extended the card’s reach online, and it’s the go-to card of choice for many people because of it’s high limit.

    If you’re looking to use your Diners Club Card for online betting, you’re most likely in luck! The card is accepted as a means of deposit for many of the top betting sites in Canada. [+]

    Some users have complained that their transactions are declined, for any number of reasons. But many others have never had a problem and use their card to regularly make deposits with their sportsbooks of choice. Many of the top choice websites even offer bonuses for Diners Club Card holders. 

    Diners Club International cards used to be the signature cards for rich high-rollers. However, since they merged with the Discover Financial Group in 2008, more people have been able to take advantage of its services and it has emerged as a real player in online betting.