Ewallet Sports Betting Deposit

Ewallet Sports Betting Deposit
  • Formerly a popular method of funding
  • No wait times
  • High-end security

Ewallet Canada Betting Sites

Looking for Ewallet betting sites? You won’t find any in Canada, so feel free to explore other options on the right side of the page. 

No sportsbooks is available for those criterias.

Ewallet used to be a trusted and reliable way to fund online betting. But they were officially shut down in late 2010 because of a government investigation and they are no longer in the electronic payment game. You may have heard the term Ewallet or e-wallet used as a buzzword in the e-commerce industry. It’s often now used as a blanket term that describes most any way of buying things online, or holding your money in the cloud. It’s also not to be confused iwallet, a biometric locking wallet that protects your belongings.  [+]

Also, some people incorrectly call the iPhone’s wallet app (which used to be called passbook) iWallet, because Apple’s branding basically sticks a lowercase “i” in front of most words. The app is actually just called Wallet though. 

BUT, there was a company called Ewallet, before it closed it’s doors a few years ago.