EZvouchers Sports Betting Deposit

EZvouchers Sports Betting Deposit
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EZvouchers Canada Betting Sites

Looking for EZvouchers betting sites? Here’s a complete list of all of the Canadian sites that accept EZvouchers as a payment method. Canada has some of the most bettor-friendly gambling laws in the world, which opens the doors to lots of opportunities to find great sites like these. Which one will you make your go-to?  

No sportsbooks is available for those criterias.

EZ Voucher is now known as PasteandPay, but still offers the same safe, secure and user-friendly funding method for your online betting needs. It’s very similar to an online gift card that users purchase through a variety of methods, and then use as they see fit.  [+]

This creates a buffer or middleman of sorts, that acts as an extra layer of security or separation. Many bettors would rather the sportsbooks not have access to their credit card number, their Paypal address or their online banking information. So PasteandPay gives them a quick way to fund their betting account and get busy.