Cheque Sports Betting Deposit

Cheque Sports Betting Deposit
  • Reliable
  • No web trail or threat of hackers
  • High limits

Cheque Canada Betting Sites

Looking for cheque betting sites? Here’s a complete list of all of the Canadian sites that accept cheques as a payment method. Canada has some of the most bettor-friendly gambling laws in the world, which opens the doors to lots of opportunities to find great sites like these. Which one will you make your go-to?

    If you’re not sure how you’re going to fund your online betting action, you should know that nearly all of Canada’s sportsbook sites will accept a cheque, in one form or another. Personal cheques might not always be accepted, but cashier cheques are universally accepted. The old school way of paying for things still very much has a place in the new school way of placing bets on sports.  [+]

    Much of today’s younger generation of bettors grew up with Paypal, Bitcoin and Interac. They may not have any idea how to even fill out a cheque correctly. But with nearly all of Canada’s site accepting cheques, they would be wise to familiarize themselves with how the system works.

    Online Betting With Cheque

    Using a cheque to deposit money in your sports betting account obviously has its pros and cons. Pro, your banking information is not online, with no web trail and no fear of fraud, hackers or identity theft. 

    On the con side, it can take much longer than today’s popular e-anything forms of payment. This is the process: You head down to your local bank, write the check, send it to the sportsbook. Step one is done. Now this could take upwards of 10+ business days to get there via regular mail. Once it arrives at the sportsbook’s location,  they process the funds to your account. This is fine if you’re not in a hurry. But if you are, you will obviously want to go another route. 

    On the plus side, you’re using your own money, not credit. So it’s easier to keep things under control and stay on top of what you’re spending or betting. This lack of a credit card also means you’re not putting yourself at risk for high-interest charges or putting yourself in the red. 

    But if this sounds like way too much of a process, you have a lot of other options. Canada has some of the most bettor-friendly laws in the world, so it won’t take you long to find the perfect payment service or e-wallet for all your online betting needs.