Laser Sports Betting Deposit

Laser Sports Betting Deposit
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Laser Canada Betting Sites

Looking for Laser betting sites? You won’t find any in Canada, so feel free to explore other options on the side of the page.

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None of the bookmaker currently support this.

Laser service isn’t an option anymore. It was enjoyed by many, but it is sadly off the market. So you should look into other options. Of course, there is always using a major credit card, or online wallet service. Canada has some of the most bettor-friendly laws in the world, so you’re not going to have a tough time choosing a service and getting up and running in a hurry.  [+]

Canada boasts lots of opportunities for fantastic online betting action. Whether your game is soccer (sorry, football), baseball, basketball, American football, or hockey, you won’t have to search too far to find the perfect site, or the best deposit/ payment system. 

Online Betting With Laser

It was great while it lasted. People with dual citizenship in Canada and Ireland loved this service. But it was really only good for people with an account at an Irish bank. 

Laser was a pre-paid debit card that bettors could use to fund their sports betting accounts here in Canada. Even though they were only available to certain people through participating banks, they were actually a big deal and people used them for a few billion dollars worth of transactions.

The peak of their popularity came in 2009 when almost 11.2 Million Euros on over 195 million transactions were processed. But, they closed up shop in 2014. C’est le internet, as we say in Canada. 

The popularity of Visa and Mastercard’s debit cards were pretty much what killed Laser. Irish bettors and shoppers now had a more popular and mainstream way to shop online, without racking up debts and surcharges with a credit card. 

If you had a Laser card, that sucks. But the good news is, you’re in Canada. We have some of the best online betting sites and payment options in the world. It won’t take you long to find the perfect payment service or e-wallet for all your online betting needs. 

You can fund your action using your personal bank account, credit/ debit card, e-wallet, or even find a service that accepts deposits via Western Union transfers. No matter what your needs or situation may be, you can find the perfect service. Find yours today!